Montag, 3. September 2012

Cape Town - The Last Week

Freiden, 24.08.2012

Opgestane gouf haut besse mi spéit, nämlech sou géint 09.00 well mir um 10.30 sollten vum Dave de Beer ofgeholl gin fir op Milnerton (ee Quartier vu Kapstadt) ze foeren an sou endgültig Bonnievale ze verloossen.
Den Dieter war segoer extra net an Schoul gaange fir eis Äddi ze soen. Et gouf na de Kuch opgeschnidden dee gaaaanz faarwig bannena warJ
Wie sou dachs hei an Afrika hat och den Dave Verspéidung mee um 11.15  goung et du lass mat der Rees. Mir am Combi an Elisabeth an den Mathias an hirem Auto hannendrun.
Jean-Mari hu mir och na zu Bonnievale bei der Schoul matgeholl well hat de Weekend beim Karl zu Kapstadt verbrengt.
Ukomm zu Milnerton heescht nach laang net ukomm op der richtiger Plaatz;-) 40 min si mir rondereemgefoer fir di richtig Residence ze fannen. No poer Telefonater hate mir di richtig Wunneng fonnt. Mee dunn: wéi ee Schlessel passt bei wéi eng Dier a virun allem wéi fonktionnéiert de Schlessel???
Wéi mir du schlussendlich an der Wunneng ukoumen, hu mir na vum Dave eis Fotoen kritt an hu se bezoelt.
Dono hu mir ganz séier dem Elisabeth an dem Mathias hiir Accomodation gesicht fir nach zur Zait op den Table Mountain ze kommen. Di lescht Opfahrt mat der Kabelbunn war nämlich um 17.00 Auer.
Um Bierg war et herrlich, eng super Vue iwwert den Ozean, Stadt, Bierger, de Stadium, de Robben Island, an an an an.
No Fotoshooting an engem Rondgang op der Kopp ass et um 18.00 Auer mat der leschter Bunn erem rof gaang.
Well mir nach dee ganzen Dag naischt gees haten, goung et dunn op Sich no engem lekkeren Restaurant J
Nodeems mir am Bo Kaap (ee Quartier mat ganz faarwigen Heiser) naischt fonnt haten, si mir an dee nächst Beschten gaangen a mir hate GleckJ
Am NEIGHBOURHOOD krute mir gudd zeessen. MMMMMMHHH.
Lo si mir rem an eiser neier Wunneng a gi lo schlofen well mar um 09.00 geet et mam Cheryl op den Tour.


Mir haaten keen Iessen am Appartement, dofir huet d’Cheryl, eise Guide fir dei ganz Woch, eis an engem Supermarché erausgeloos fir eppes klenges aunzekaafen, wàhrend d’Elisabeth an den Mathias hieren geleinten Auto ofgeliwert hun. D’Cheryl ass eng mei eeler, leif Fra mat laangen blonden Hoer an fillen Faalen am Gesiicht. Zu 8 ass dunn Eisen Tour ugang. D’Cheryl soutz mat engem Micro um Kapp um Steier an huet eis a Richtung Cape of Good Hope kutscheiert. Den 1. Stop haaten mir an engem Hafen fir op en klengem Maart ze goen, Mat eiser Chance huet et grad dunn mat reenen an stiermen ugefang. Dono si mir op enger Straußefarm stoen bliwen eiert mir an « Southern Cape Reserve » erangefuer sin. Natierlech huet et erem ugefang mat reenen wei mir d’ Auto’s Dier opgema hun. Dofir sin mir an den 2 Oceans-Restaurant iesse gang. Mmmmh !

Mir hun dono den Lift bis erop bei den aalen Leuchtturm geholl. Mir haaten eng Vue iwer d’Mier, dei en bessen fun den Wolleken verrengert gouf, ir mir zu fous erem bei den Auto getreppelt sin. D’Cheryl hue tons dunn  bis op Simons Town bei d’Pinguine gefeiert an dono nach bei farwech Plagencabinen.
Am Pick’n Pay hun mir dono akaaf fir d’ganz Woch. (Brout, Mellech, Jogurt, Cornflakes, Keis, Gebees, Spagetti & Zoos, Toilettepabeier an Wäschmettel)
Owes hun mir doheem zu 5 Spagetti giess, iwer Boopen an Henn geschwaan, an via Play-station ob der Couche « Acress the Universe » gekukt (mat den Hoer erbeigezunnent Musical)

Friday, 24.08.2012

This morning we got up at around 09.30 for our departure to Milnerton (a quarter of Cape town) with our driver Dave de Beer.
Even, Dieter missed school because he wanted to say goodbye.
Jean-Mari joined us in Bonnievale. She also wanted spend her weekend in Cape Town together with Karl.
In Milnerton, we couldn’t directly find the right flat, so we spend nearly 1 hour on searching it. :-)
After having solved this problem, another one appeared: how to open the doors???
Finally, we managed to enter. In the flat we paid our photos that we got from Dave.
Next, we quickly drove to Elisabeth and Matthias’s guesthouse to be on time at the station to catch the last cable car to climb the table mountain at 5.00 p.m.
On the mountain, it was so beautiful and the view was amazing. We could see Robben Island, the stadium of the world cup 2010, the sea, the mountains, and so on….
After a short photo shooting and a round walk on the top we took the last descend at 6.00 p.m.
On the Ground, we realized that we were hungry so we decided to look for a nice restaurant for dinner.
In Bo Kaap (a Malay quarter with very coloured houses), we didn’t find a good one, so we went to the next best and we were lucky. At Neighbourhood’s it was very lekkerJ
Now, we are back in our new flat and are ready to sleep.  
Tomorrow, Cheryl will pick us up at 9.00 a.m. for another exciting tour. Good night.

Saturday, 25.08.12

As we had no food in our flat, Cheryl, our nice and motivated guide for the last few days in Cape Town, took us to a supermarket while Elisabeth and Mathias gave back their rented car. In Cheryl’s Mini-Bus, we were driving in direction of the reserve of the Southern Cape, to the well-known Cape of Good Hope. On that way, we first stopped at a market of a harbour. Yet, as usual, it had just started to rain. The next stop was at an Ostrich Farm, everything really expensive, before getting to our final destination: the Cape of Good Hope. Unfortunately, it started to rain only in that moment we opened the doors of our car. So we decided to have lunch at the 2 Oceans Restaurant! Mmh =)

Then we took a ride with the tramway up to the beacon of the Cape of Good Hope. We had an amazing view and we decided to walk all the way back down. Together with Cheryl, we got to Simons Town to watch the Southern penguins. Furthermore, she took us to a beach with old, little, coloured wooden houses which are very popular in South Africa. Then, a last stop at a supermarket to buy essential goodies and aliments before, we, the five girls of the flat, were enjoying the evening while eating self-made spaghetti and sauce, watching the film “Across the Universe”.

Sunday, 26.08.12

This morning, Cheryl, accompanied by her husband Karl, came to pick us up at 9 o’clock. We took a ride to a San-culture-project where we learned about their languages and their old way of life. For lunch, we drove the West Coast further up to get to a small self-service restaurant situated on a rock-sand-beach. You only had one choice: a six-course-menu mainly consisting of different sorts of fish, mussels and so on. Everything was eaten with the fingers and all in all it took us 4 hours. After this enormous lunch, Cheryl and her husband fetched us and drove with us back to Milnerton. At the Maestro-Restaurant on Milnerton beach, we met Peter, his wife and her mother for a drink. Around 7 o’clock, we drove to the Water Front with the My City Bus where we met Lisa and Marloes for a last drink before Lisa’s and our departure and flight back to Europe. These two offered each of us a present: African flower seeds! It has been a nice evening until we had to catch the last bus back to Milnerton. It was a lovely goodbye at the bus station and we had a safe ride home. The last surprise for this day were the beetles that were waiting for us in our kitchen ;) Well, good night then! 

Monday, 27.08.12

At 10 o’clock in the morning, Angelo, the principle of the Warmth Project in South Africa, was supposed to pick us up at our flat. Only at 11.30, Zanele, an employee of Angelo, arrived with Elisabeth and Mathias at our flat and drove us in a small car to a crèche and 3 kitchen of Warmth. His delay was due to riots of two different political parties in Cape Town City. In that meantime, we had unpacked Dave de Beers photographs and were disappointed as we noticed that the zebra-photos were printed on the wrong photo-paper. Yet, we weren’t able to reach him by phone.
Getting back to our discovery-tour in the crèche and the kitchen of Warmth, we must say that something appeared weird: different, but important statements about the same subject, workers just standing around. As we got to the last and third kitchen, we all had the impression and feeling that they were displaying us something. And actually, they all first asked for money. We made different observations and most of them were negative. After the visits, Zanele drove us to the main office, to Angelo. As a result to our enquiry, Angelo took us, after long phone calls, to another kitchen in a very dangerous and criminal area of Khayelitsha where 4 days ago 4 teenagers had been shot to death. As we drove off from the office, he informed us that he had no driving licence anymore.^ ^
Arriving at the kitchen, we got to know that it was in a private house, where the cook and her husband were living, that the food was sold. Angelo had been talking for fifteen minutes to the kitchen maid before we were allowed to enter the kitchen and see that there was only one pot of 4 used and filled with food. We notice that one of the employees was driving BMW? Having a bad feeling, we just wanted to get back to our flat and get out of the intimidating car. Angeloa dropped us out at the Spar in Milnerton where we bought some food and went to the beach to write down our impressions of the day.
In the evening, we took long to find a restaurant, but finally we settled in a steakhouse. Not knowing how to get home, we accepted the offer of the waiter, who was from Kongo and spoke French, to drive us home. 

Donnerstag, 23. August 2012


D Joelle huet eis haut erem op de Projet gefeiert well d Marloes net do wa. Haut wa de läschten Daach mat de Kanner, dofir hu mir fill dobaussen mat hinnen gespillt. Allerdings wa et och zimlech traurech well mir d Kanner haut fir d Lescht gesin hun. Vill Treien sin gefloss. =( Mettes hun mir op der Farm giess an sin dono deene Groussen och Eddi soen gang. Mir hun mat hinnen Soccer an Jembee gespillt. Och hei wa et erem ganz emotional suguer d Kanner hun gekrasch. Den Owend huet d Marieta erem lekker fir eis gekacht an elo gett een Abschiedskuch gebaack. Muer kennt den Dave de Beer eis um halwer 11 sichen fir eis op Kapstadt ze feieren. Et ass nach keng Valise gepaack well keen sou richtech well fort fun der leiwer Famill. Eng wonnerschein an onvergiesslech Zeit geet op en Enn. 
Baie Dankie

Marloes was off to Cape Town so Joelle took us to the project today. It was our last day , that´s why we played a lot outside with the kids. We were very sad to see the kids for the last time. Tears were present. In the afternoon we ate a snack at the farm and returned to the project to say goodbye to the older kids. We played soccer and Jembee for the last time. The farewell was even more emotional because some kids were crying too... In the evening Marieta was cooking a lekker meal for our family and now we are baking a desert for them. Tomorrow Dave de Beer will pick us up at 10.30 a.m. but actually nobody started packing because we are not in the mood to leave our new family. A wonderful time comes to an end but we keep lots of good memories in our mind forever.
Baie Dankie

Mittwoch, 22. August 2012

Shake your body

Dese Moien ass verlaaf wi all aanere firdrun. No engem Schluet ass och d Sonn eraus komm.
De Mettes ass en Braai fir eis organiseiert ginn als Abschiedsparty. Et gouf gesongen an gedanzt, mir hunn hinnen Kadoen gin an mir kruten all eng Fotosrumm an en Diplom =) Et wa en onvergiesslechen Owend mat fill Gelaachs an tonne Fotoen a Filmer.
Et keint een eng Sait laang schreiwen wei flott et wa.. !
Gudd nuecht